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Tell me more about the Bowen Technique

When I first started telling people I do Bowen Therapy I always got the same response ‘Bone therapy – what is that’?  So I quickly realised it must be the way I’m saying it so now I say ‘I’m a Bowen Therapist’, but then again I get the same question  ‘What is Bowen therapy’?

Although very popular in Australia where it was first developed, and becoming very common in all towns across the UK, here in Ireland not many people have heard of Bowen Therapy, or as its other name the Bowen technique.

Bowen Therapy is named after an Australian man called Tom Bowen who developed the technique in the 1950s.  Fifty years later and through several interpretations of his work we have the distinctive rolling type moves that embody the technique as we know it today.

These moves are applied at precise anatomical points on the body in such a way as to stimulate the soft tissue and nerve pathways.  For example one such gentle move is over the diaphragm, another is along the hamstring.  This stimulation leads to a response from the brain which finally notices there has been a problem, in for example your back, all along – but it never noticed.  The brain sends a relaxation signal that echoes all the way through the body, easing your muscles, tendons, cartilage and collagen. It’s a little like reformatting the body to enable it to go back to its natural blueprint.  It helps create space where tight muscles can relax.

I could go on and on about the merits of this remedial technique but I’ll hit the key points. It is gentle.  It is powerful.  It is relaxing.  This is turn has such a positive effect on your whole system, calming it mentally and physically.

Almost as if your body takes a big long sigh.

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Bowen Therapy is a gentle, hands on treatment which aims to relieve neck, back and shoulder pain, release muscle tension and improve mobility and flexibility throughout the whole body. Bowen therapy is suitable for all ages and all shapes and can have a positive and calming impact on every system in the body. Feel great again with Bowen Therapy NI. Book your appointment by calling on 07733200129