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Bowen Therapy NI

The theory of Bowen therapy

Imagine you are wearing a long robe. It covers your shoulders, your arms, hangs loosely over your waist, and falls downwards to the ground.  It may even have a loose tie around the waist.  You are comfortable in this robe, it is loose enough to allow you to move freely in any direction but cosy enough to cover your whole body and keep you warm.  This is what your fascia is like.  It covers your whole body and connects everything to everything else.

Now imagine one day you notice that you haven’t been able to move as freely as you remember.  You go to reach for something with your hand but you have to really strain as the material is restricting the movement of your arm and shoulder.  You twist round to lift something and you find the material is preventing you from twisting equally to both sides.  On closer inspection you see that your beloved robe is no longer hanging freely but the material has become caught in several places.  One sleeve is inside out, the waist tie has several knots in it and is only through one of the waist loops pulling the robe down on one side. This is causing the material on the other side to compensate as it is being pulled by a distant restriction.  This is how fascia behaves.  A fall, an accident or just constant overuse of muscles in the wrong position can cause the fascia to become tight and caught in one area of the body so other parts of the body try to compensate and they in turn become painful.  So you go to see about pain in your right shoulder and everyone is concentrating on your right shoulder.  But no one seems to realise that it is compensatory pain caused maybe by an old injury to the left hip or when you rolled over on your ankle a year ago.

Bowen aims to encourage the fascia to ease itself out of these snags and disentangle itself.  In doing so the muscles and joints have more space to relax and don’t feel so tight and hopefully your pain is relieved too.

Does this sound familiar?  Do you have a pain that comes and goes and no one has been able to figure out where it’s coming from?  You may benefit from Bowen therapy….