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Make 2019 the year to turn your back on back pain

“New Year, New You”

How many times have we heard this over the past few weeks? Most of the time it is directed towards making changes that will improve our health, and rightly so.

Guidance to give up smoking and suggestions to improve our diet are always top of the list. These, of course, are the obvious ones and take up most of the column inches especially in lieu of the excesses at Christmas. It’s all about sacrifice this time of year – ‘giving up’ all the bad stuff, a dry January.

But what about starting something instead? What about giving something new a try? Wouldn’t you love to finally get rid of that niggling back pain, those aches and pains and the general stiffness you’ve been carrying around for years? What about seeing if you can improve your sports performance by staying injury free and improving your range of movement? What about setting aside an hour in your week to completely de-stress?

What about trying Bowen Therapy?

Bowen therapy, or the Bowen technique is a gentle relaxing therapy that aims to loosen tight muscles, freeing ligaments, joints and fascia. This can help the body sit in a better, more balanced alignment. Pain levels often decrease and flexibility can increase. It is a fabulous treatment in aiding recovery from sports injuries and in relieving many types of muscle pain.

The Old You is tired of carrying around the soreness, the discomfort, the cricks and the cramps. Resolve now to find relief from all that and the New You will thank the Old You!

So as we move into 2019 and the resolutions made last Monday night become a distant memory take a moment to think about one thing you could try that would make a big difference to you this year. That one thing could be Bowen therapy.

Have a fantastic, healthy and pain free year in 2019!

If you would like to experience the benefits of Bowen therapy for yourself call me on 07733200129.  Evening appointments also available in Moy Co. Tyrone.