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Bowen Therapy is tried out by brand journalist Eleanor McGillie

I had never heard of Bowen Therapy but when I met Emma at an event earlier this year I was really inspired by her story. Here is my take on this holistic healing technique which is growing in popularity

IN years gone by when people heard the word holistic it was like a buzz word that didn’t really mean too much to too many.

I admit. I was one of those people.

Everyone was bandying the term ‘holistic approach’ around as if it was meant to mean something.

In terms of medicine, what holistic means is the treatment of the whole person taking into account mental and social factors rather than just symptoms of a disease.

But, people have certainly become more clued into other options available to them when it comes to the management of aches and pains. I, for one, am a total stickler about painkillers – I quite simply don’t take them.

I am 42 years old, and, apart from trying to get out for a walk before work every day with my dog, I am otherwise sitting at a desk typing all day. There are times, of course, I am out and about but ultimately I am sitting here bashing out content for clients.

So with that, comes lower back pain – sometimes to the extent I would get shooting sharp pains across my lower back and have to wait a minute before I can get up from my seat.

So, months after I met Emma, she contacted me and asked if I would help her set up Bowen Therapy NI in terms of getting her publishing platforms in order, writing content, organising a photoshoot and designing and creating a website.

But, the reality was, I knew nothing about Bowen Therapy. I had never heard the phrase before Emma told me about it. So, not knowing too much about Bowen Therapy, Emma suggested I have a session here in my office.

Bowen therapist Emma Kerr of Bowen Therapy NI treating brand journalist Eleanor McGillie who tried out the Bowen technique for the first time ever

So, I agreed and one day Emma turned up with her treatment bed, towels and a personable approach which I know her clients love too.

I soon find myself lying face down on Emma’s treatment bed. I instantly feel cared for, relaxed and willing to experience the Bowen technique for the first time ever.

Emma felt different parts of my body – you could say she carried out an assessment, and, after a few questions, she started making gentle movements. They were actually so gentle that I remember thinking what this was all about. She left the room and left me lying in total tranquility, very aware of my being, my surroundings and feeling extremely relaxed. About five minutes later Emma would return, do some more gentle movements and then leave the room again.

This was the pattern which went on for about 50 minutes. Each period of alone time I felt more and more relaxed, I definitely felt a chill and my muscles were somewhat buzzing a little bit.

Once I had laid on my front and my back, and the session was over, Emma very softly softly asked me how I was feeling. In fairness, I felt amazing, in an odd kind of a way. Odd in that I had just never experienced this before. It was a good odd.

Getting back up off the treatment bed gently, Emma told me to sit on the bed for a few minutes and not stand up. She explained that some people can get emotional and break down and cry, others may feel a little light headed and others may feel a little hungover the following day.

I loved it. Whether it was because I got to relax in such a peaceful way for one full hour during the working day, in my own office, or that it has actually helped my lower back pain. I can’t particularly put my finger on any one release but overall it was a very different experience.

I don’t know about you but I certainly always hear people complaining about their aches and pains but yet they don’t do anything about it. For the sake of a few hours, I would recommend the Bowen technique. It’s been around since the 1950s and there are supposedly thousands of practitioners around the world.

It is a holistic, healing approach and it’s one I would definitely use in the future.

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Bowen Therapy is a gentle, hands on treatment which aims to relieve neck, back and shoulder pain, release muscle tension and improve mobility and flexibility throughout the whole body. Bowen therapy is suitable for all ages and all shapes and can have a positive and calming impact on every system in the body. Feel great again with Bowen Therapy NI. Book your appointment by calling on 07733200129