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Bowen Therapy can help relieve stress

It’s a word that is used in most daily conversations.  Like all things it is useful in moderation, but also like all things it can be detrimental when there is too much of it.

Stress is everywhere and these days everyone seems to have it to some degree.  We all think we are more stressed out than everyone else too.  Often adults are overheard saying how nice it would be to be young again.  But then I look at the teenagers waiting in the rain for their bus (it still seems to be uncool to own an umbrella), their shoulders slouched with the weight of a bag full of books, probably stressed out about upcoming exams or coursework due.  Indeed I recently overheard two young ladies discussing how lucky adults have it going to work and not having to take their work home with them AND getting paid for it as well.

Stress is a reaction to fear which is a reaction to the sense of danger.  Even when we don’t have any big worries going on in our lives, often because of the media we are being made to feel as if we are living in a dangerous world, creating fear, leading to stress.  Yet, the world has never been a safer place.  Stress induces the “fight or flight” response which is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.  It shuts down all non essential work in the body like digestion, and focuses its energy on getting you to a safe place.  It does this by releasing adrenaline, thereby increasing the heart rate and blood pressure and tensing the muscles up so they are ready to spring into action to enable you to run away from the danger in front of you.  Sound familiar?  Do you feel your blood pressure is up all the time?  Are your muscles constantly tense?  Do you frequently suffer from indigestion?  Our bodies were not designed to be in this ‘fight or flight’ mode that often.  It was really only designed to be used when a stampede of buffalo were coming our way or a hungry lion approached our cave entrance back in the day.  Danger today could be perceived as major or minor, like struggling to pay the mortgage, bullies approaching in school, or just trying to make everything perfect for that party you are throwing.

Bowen therapy can help to switch off or turn down the sympathetic nervous system and allow its opposite, the parasympathetic nervous system to become dominant, enabling the body to slow down, rest and relax, clearing the mind.  It does this through gentle moves over the muscles and soft tissue with special emphasis on the back, neck and shoulders.

So whether you are going through stress with family, finances, exams or health or you would just like to take an hour of ‘time out’ for yourself then definitely consider the deeply relaxing benefits of Bowen therapy.  It won’t fix the thing in your life that’s causing you all the stress but it will taper down your stress levels so you can face the problem with more calmness and composure, empowering you to respond to the situation instead of just reacting to it.

The Bowen Therapy clinic is based in Moy Co. Tyrone and we would love to hear from you.  If you would like to make an appointment call us on 07733200129.  You can also keep up with any news here on Facebook